Ingenious Ideas For Adding Space For The Small House

We often try out all kinds of ways to save space for the small homes. Therefore, there are many ways and tactics for saving the space summarized by the designers and the home decoration experienced people. But the ways I will show you are much smarter and creative. You will find out how in this article.

1, Built-in or Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Talking about furniture, no matter how small or room is, you cannot leave without the computer desk. If you want save space from it, you may use the built-in or wall mounted computer desk. It is very useful and practical. Design a built in cabinet and a cover. The cover is a must. For one reason, it can be work as the desktop. For another reason, when you do not use the computer desk, you may use the cover to close the cabinet. No matter how disordered in it, the room will not affected by the “computer desk”.

 2, Pick the Furniture with Box Function

Every family needs some extra storage space, especially for the small house. Use the furniture with storage function can save some space for the room. We all experienced that when the unexpected gusts coming, the messy blankets or pillows find nowhere to hide. With the sofa has box function, you may toss your messy stuffs in it and organize them when your unexpected gusts left. So is the bed, we seldom use the place under the bed, if you can take advantage of this space, your almost storage problem can be solved. What need you to do is just to put some baskets with cover under the bed.

3, Use the Wall Bed

I bet you have already seen lots of wall beds in moves such as 2 broke girls. In fact, you can apply this kind of bed into your homes, either.  It not only can make the space more wide and convenient for walking, but also it gives a nicer and cleaner environment for the space.

4, Take Advantage of the Wall Space

If nowhere can offer you storage space any more, the last place you can think of is the wall space. Every room at least has two empty walls. If you can take advantage of them, you will not be bothered by the storage problem. How to use the wall space? For one way, you may install hooks on the wall, which can hang your clothes, scarves, bags and umbrella on it. For another way, you may install wall shelves. Wall shelves are popular in recent years.  You may display your collections, books, photos and small articles on the wall shelves. Find info about the nursery wall decals here.