Insider’s Guide To Central Air Conditioning

Last summer, our central air conditioner kicked the bucket. We knew that it was coming since the machine had been doing a dreadful job keeping us cool during a summer heat wave. And to be fair, the air conditioner was 20 years old. So it was time to shop for a new one. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a property owner more than the prospect of needing to shop for a brand-new central air conditioner. We asked her friends and next-door neighbors just how much they thought it would run us to get a brand-new unit and have a properly put in. Their quotes varied from $2000-$6000. At the end of the day, we managed to get the whole setup with the ten-year service warranty for about $4000. Here’s our story.

The most important point to bear in mind is that a professional HVAC specialist should install your central air conditioner. This is a complex task that requires skills and devices that the majority of Dos It Yourself homeowners simply do not possess. See to it that you seek references from friends and family about HVAC companies that they have use. You can also go to Internet rating websites to have a look at a number of service providers. You want to make sure that you get numerous quotes on the setup job.

When the A/C contractor appeared at our place, he was extremely well qualified. He talked us through the entire process of selecting and installing a brand-new central air conditioner. He told us about energy-efficient systems that can save us a great deal of cash on our electricity bills. Considering that we reside in Florida, we knew that it was probably a smart idea to find the most energy-saving AC that we could afford.

Insider's Guide To Central Air Conditioning

Your professional contractor will certainly start by taking measurements of your house and doing some computations to determine what size of air conditioner you need. This is an important step that must be executed correctly. If you buy an AC unit that is too little to cool your home, the appliance will have a miserable summer. On the other hand, a system that is too big for your house will be extremely ineffective and may cost you dearly in your electrical power bills. A great AC professional will be able to determine the proper size for your home.

Make certain that you talk with your service provider about warranties. A lot of service warranties come with coverage for the compressor and some of the other costly parts of the central air conditioner. Your best option is to choose a minimum of a five-year warranty. If you can afford a ten-year guarantee, that is even better. We managed to get a good deal on a ten-year warranty, so we went with that.

At the end of the day, don’t be scared if you have to buy a new central air conditioner. Just make sure you do your homework and you will be fine.