Is Your Home A Burglar Magnet? Here’s Why

The security of your home should always be on your mind. Every time that you leave your home, you want to know that you’ll come home to find your family and pets safe and all your expensive items still in place. Learning what signs leave your home exposed to burglars can help you protect it better.

No Proper Coverage

One of the first things that burglars look for are homes that lack any type of coverage. A home on the end of a dead end street lets those thieves know that neighbors aren’t watching. Others leave their homes exposed because they have open yards or yards that butt up against a small wooded area. Adding a fence to your lawn or using shrubbery can help.

Unkempt Lawn

Do you sometimes find yourself putting off mowing your lawn, weeding your garden or taking care of other problems outside? When burglars see unkempt laws, they assume that the homeowners living there are often away. It may even signal to a burglar that the house is vacant. Spending a few hours on your lawn and garden every week may keep robbers away.

Lack of Security System

A common misconception is that a home alarm system is expensive. Many providers now let you get equipment for free or a low cost when you sign up for a two or three year contract and pay a low monthly fee. Many security companies will also give you signage that you can place on your windows and in your lawn, which lets burglars know that your home is protected. You can also add extra security features to your package, and learn the most popular packages by reading Northstar Alarm reviews online. Window alarms will alert you anytime that someone tries to open a window in your home.

Open Doors and Windows

When the temperature rises, you might feel the need to open up your windows or leave your front door open. Before you even think about heading off to run errands or pick the kids up from soccer practice, make sure that you close all those doors and windows. Even a single open window can turn your home into a magnet for robbers and thieves.

There are many different ways that you can protect your home from those with nefarious thoughts. Adding a security system, cleaning up your lawn and making sure that you have proper coverage are just a few. You’ll also want to ensure that you cut off entrance points and close your doors and windows when away from home.