Latest Small Bathroom Design Tips With No Burden To Your Pocket

If your home has a small bathroom, you may find it challenging to fit in all the necessary elements, and still end up with an attractive design. It’s a bit like a puzzle, trying to incorporate the sink, toilet, shower, towel racks, and other essentials, when you have a tiny space to work with. Here are some useful tips for setting up a small bathroom you will love.

Float the Vanity

Instead of mounting the vanity onto a cabinet that extends to the floor, you can float it off the wall, with open space beneath it. This makes the bathroom appear larger, since you have more visual space. You can still use the space below the sink to store small items. Try not to store everything under the sink though, and find a way to keep things organized. Smart shelving can help out.

Try a Pedestal Sink with One Shelf

Pedestal sinks don’t need to eliminate all storage space below them. You can now get one that has a single shelf. If you use this to store neatly folded towels, it can give you a clean, attractive look. It’s also an ideal spot for a basket with extra toilet paper. Another solution is to install a sink in the corner. If you have little floor space for walking in your bathroom, try moving the sink to the corner. This can make it easier to move around the bathroom, and avoid awkward traffic patterns when opening the shower door.

Latest Small Bathroom Design Tips With No Burden To Your Pocket

Consider a Trough Sink

When you have little space for a sink, a trough sink can be a solution. These have a narrow profile, so use up little space. The styling can look clean and neat, and if you find one that is wall mounted, it gives you more floor space too.

Mount the Faucet on the Wall

Instead of mounting your faucet onto the back of the sink, move it up onto the wall. This lets you use a narrower sink or vanity, giving you more floor space to move around. You can find these in a wide variety of designs.

Extend your Counter Out Over the Toilet

When space is really tight, you can get more counter space by extending it out a little way over the toilet. You still have room for the toilet as normal, but the extra counter space can be just what you need for a few more items.

Latest Small Bathroom Design Tips With No Burden To Your Pocket

Round your Vanity Corners

If you have a small space, you may end up banging into the corners of your vanity more than you otherwise would. Save yourself some bruises by rounding those corners, so that they don’t stick out so far, and get in the way less often.

Replace your Shower Door

Instead of using a traditional shower door that swings out to open, you can save space by using a fixed glass panel on your shower instead. With no moving parts, it makes for easier navigation in your small bathroom, and when well designed, it can do a good job of keeping water in the shower compartment.

Expand your Mirror

Instead of having a mirror that just spans the width of your vanity, use a larger mirror that covers more of the wall. This makes it easier for two people to use the mirror at once. The mirror also creates the illusion of more space in the room. Another great idea is to add two mirrors in the bathroom, and place them face to face.

Painting the Walls & the Ceiling

Small bathrooms should be painted in plain white. This shade is ideal because it adds height and widens a space. Also, your bath will look neat and properly organized. Make sure your products and accessories are placed in order, too. Try not to place shower gels and shampoos on display. Let your properly folded towels, candles, and others accessories shine.

One of the most difficult parts of decorating a small bath is to purchase bathroom furniture. Invest in smart, resistant pieces and by all means, stay away from wood. If you can’t afford expensive items, check the web for DIY tutorials or ask an expert decorator for some advice. Baths should look effortless but also chic and modern; the easiest way to do that is to include adequate furniture and blend smart color palettes.