LED Down Light Buying Guide

LED lighting is one of the fastest rising forms of lighting. Using as much as 90% less power than a traditional light bulb, they are an investment that is very much worth making. Longevity is another key attraction for LED lights, as they can last for decades, with the more quality models having a life span as high as 25 years! It is more than worth your time and money to go around and slowly upgrade the lighting in your home.

For those who have down lights that they want to upgrade or are simply planning to install them, selecting LED down lights is a great idea. Down lights are lights that are fitted to the ceiling and illuminate their light downwards, which can be great for highlighting certain areas of a room.

Depending on what type of fittings you currently have, you will need to buy the corresponding type of down light. They can sit slightly lowered from the ceiling; sit flush into the ceiling or even sit further recessed into the ceiling. LEDs come with several different levels of brightness, so picking one that goes with the type of fitting and the area you want to illuminate is worth conserving.

Hanging down lights may work better to concentrate its brightness on a certain area, whereas a recessed or flush fitting may work better to fill the room more evenly. Should you have several down lights, you may want to go for a less bright equivalent. Look at the lumen scale for a guide to brightness, but as LEDs emit far more light for their wattage, you will want to go much lower than traditional or halogen bulbs.

For example a 40W traditional light bulb offers around 400 brightness on the lumen scale; the same 400 brightness in an LED light would only be 6W, so choosing the correct brightness for this is important. The brightest LED on the lumen scale are 18W, offering 1300 brightness, so depending on what type of room you are fitting your down light too should affect your decision.

Fixtures will be different for down lights compared to traditional light bulbs, so make sure you get the right type. LEDs will cost you more than standard type, but you can get good quality LED down lights for around £10 each. Down lights tend to come with metal fittings around the bulb that are fitted with either spring clips or compression clips. Spring clips spring in when placed into the fitting, whereas compressions have fixture clips on the side that clip in place with the fitting in the ceiling.

Taking these factors into account when deciding on whether or not LED hanging lights are suitable for you should help come to a decision. Economically, LED lighting is great; it saves you money and can last for a very long time. So anyone looking for down lights would be foolish not to at least considering going with LEDs.