LED Tape Lighting

When LED lighting was first available lots of people tried it and were quickly ‘turned off’ by the idea as the lights were all producing dim, cold rays of light.  This is something that people still seem to think of when they consider LED lighting, but nowadays things have changed and it is becoming more and more popular to have LED lighting in many different environments, including in the home.  One of the more ‘standout’ types of LED lighting comes in the form of the LED tape lighting (also known as strip lighting).

There are some great benefits of using LED tape lighting within your home, including:

  1. They allow you to customise your home – You can put the tape lighting wherever you choose, and you can use them to accentuate features in your home, whether that be an underneath kitchen counter, or a feature in a bedroom.  They look great in any room of the home.
  2. Setting the correct ambience – LED tape lighting can help you to set the ambience you want in your home.  This is achieved through being able to dim the lights (and specifically singular lights if required), but also through the fact you can purchase tape lights that offer different colours to the standard white.  Brighter colours for a warm, happy room, and darker colours, for a colder, moodier ambience – perhaps a place to think and reflect.

On top of the raft of benefits, there are also some things that are worth considering before you purchase the LED tape lights, such as:

  1. The type and size of the LED bulb – This can impact on the brightness and overall performance of the bulb.  The bigger the bulb, the more energy it will require to work efficiently.
  2. Brightness – How bright do you want the tape lights to be?  The brighter you want the lighting, the more LED’s you are going to require per metre of strip.  In this instance, it is worth checking the distance placed between each one as if they are too close together you can have lights that have dramatically reduced life expectancy and performance as they will be exposed to too much heat off of them.
  3. Where you are going to place the tapes – You need to consider what you want the LED tape lights to do and what effect you want them to have.  This ties in with the first point about types and sizes of LED bulbs, as depending on what you require the tape lighting to do your type and size of bulb will vary.

If you would like to read more about LED Tape Lights or LED lighting in general, which would be of benefit to you to look at other benefits and considerations to make, then please utilise a search engine over the internet or please feel free to contact me and we will do our best to answer your questions.