Light Switch Labels

Isn’t it satisfying when each and every item in your home or office is organized? From the kitchen cabinets to the light switches, perfectionists love labeling everything. This is because labeling helps hold any place almost instantly and removes the hassle of having to remember everything. This especially comes in handy when you have just moved to a new location and have to go through a constant trouble of trying to remember which light switch makes which lights work.

ABC Distributors present a very simple solution to cater for these puny, but irritating problems and many more; light switch labels. Simple yet effective, these light switch labels are not only very affordable, these are durable and reliable. With ABC Distributor’s Light Switch Labels, you do not have to worry about remembering the functions of individual light switches throughout the house. These will also make your life much easier as you will never have to explain the light switches to any guest again.

We not only handle orders for individual homeowners, renovators, builders, and electricians, we can also manage custom orders for large scale commercial projects like hotels, schools and workplaces of all kinds.

Light Switch Labels

Light Switch Labels

How to use ABC Light Switch Labels:

These easy to use labels are self-adhesive, therefore, making use of them is as simple as ABC! The labels are meant to be attached to the light switch plates. You can choose to either paste them above or below the light switches as per your preference. Legible and attractive fonts, transparent background make ABC Light Switch labels all the more user-friendly. The Light Switch Labels have been designed to fit nicely onto 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 sets of light switches. While being self-adhesive, these Light Switch Labels have been made out of material to ensure that the light switch plate that they are pasted onto never gets damaged. Even if you happen to own chic type light switch plates, the ABC Light Switch Labels will only add to their elegance and will make sure that they only appear more beautiful and organized.

Cost and Delivery Charges

ABC Light Switch Labels come at $19.95 per pack while a pack has 240 Light Switch Labels included. This means that you can quickly organize not even your home, but your workplace and still have some left as an emergency backup. So, the ABC Light Switch Labels offer the bang for your buck, and as if that was not enough, they are delivered to your doorstep free of cost.  Furthermore, the delivery is super quick and breezy which means that your inner pedant will not have to wait to get started on organizing your home or workspace.

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