Loft Conversion – More Space Equals The Sales Value

Home renovations in a bid to increase their value are becoming a popular activity among many home owners that want to attract the best prices when selling. It is common to see a number of home makeover TV shows providing information on the best ways to make homes more valuable. However, before home owners embark on DIY home improvements on their property, it is important that they understand the value these improvements add to the property. Some of the changes that are popular among those seeking to improve their home add no value and should not be started on at all. Even so, there are some that are recommended by industry experts and include kitchen renovation, increased garage space and loft conversion for extra space among others.

In most cases, loft conversion is considered to be much more cost effective than its extension making it a better alternative for home owners. The extra accommodation space brought about by the conversion makes it a worthwhile investment even with the inclusion of a staircase within the space. To ensure that the loft is converted at minimum cost there are a few guidelines to consider.

Consider the State of the Roof Space

For a cost effective loft conversion, it is important to check if the roof structure is built using cut roof timbers or even attic trusses. In case the roof structure is different, then it is important to weigh the costs involved before embarking on conversion of the space. In addition, there should be sufficient headroom to create a good living space within the roof area. Moving of header tanks is also possible for creation of space but homeowners can also decide to upgrade to sealed systems instead.

Building Regulation Compliance

Although the choice to make changes in the loft of the home is the choice of homeowners, they still need to comply with current building regulations. In most cases, the regulations instruct homeowners to use insulation beneath the trusses and in between roof timbers resulting in reduced headroom. In addition, fire doors on all the rooms that lead to halls or staircase must be installed to provide an escape route in the event of a fire.

Permission for Extra Openings

Majority of loft conversions are done within the existing roof space but if a homeowner wants to add windows or even roof lights to bring in natural light then they are likely to seek permission from local planners. For example, creation of dormer windows that face the highway may need clearance from planners to ensure that it is beneficial to all.

Proper loft conversion is a sure way of increasing the sales value of any home to a higher percentage than its previous cost. Many industry experts believe that having an additional space in the home is an attractive feature of many home buyers and is likely to accelerate its purchase compared to others. However, it is good to note that the average price of the homes in the area will dictate the maximum price at which it can be sold even with a converted loft.