Make Your Refrigerator Efficient-Save Energy, Save Money

A refrigerator is a common and most important appliance that we use every day. From homes to businesses refrigerators are used in all modern kitchens. It is also one of the most energy consuming appliances. We see new and improved models with advanced features coming into the market. The models that we have today are more energy efficient than the ones that were used in the last few decades. It is important to take proper measures to minimize the energy usage and increase the life of your refrigerator.

Following are a few ways by which you can make your refrigerator more energy efficient.

Regulate the Temperature

Set the refrigerator to a proper temperature ,but avoid very low temperatures. The fridge takes up more energy to come to a colder setting. To increase the energy efficiency, it is recommended that you set the fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer to 5 degrees.


The fridge should be placed away from hot appliances like ovens, stoves and other heat emitting sources. Also ensure that there is space all around it. Keep the fridge away from warm places and direct sunlight.

Cool the Food Before Freezing It

The fridge needs to work more to cool down hot food. It is best to cool down the food first before you put them away in the fridge. You can put the food outside to cool for up to 2 hours, but not more than that as there is a risk of bacteria growth.

Keep it Covered

Most of the foods hold moisture and when left exposed these foods will release the moisture into the air and the fridge has to work harder to eliminate it. Also foods catch the smell of other food stuffs and this can be avoided by covering them properly with lids.

Clean the Coils

Dust can pile up on the condenser coils of your fridge reducing its efficiency. The coils at the back of the fridge are meant to take away the heat from the interiors. The dust on the coils reduces the conduction of heat and this increases the work load on your fridge. Therefore it is important that you dust or vacuum the coils regularly.

Keep the Fridge Full

The fridge needs to be full, so there is lesser space for it to cool. This also helps the fridge to cool faster when the door is closed. Stocking your fridge is a good way to increase its efficiency and save energy.

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Let there be Air

Ensure that there is enough air around the appliance, to keep the heat away. This will benefit the coils at the back because the air that the coils heat up needs to be replaced by cooler air. If there is no proper air flow, the fridge needs to work harder and there is wastage of energy.

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