Moving Abroad? Don’t Forget These 7 Things!

A job opportunity in a different country can become a great life experience for the whole family. Getting to know a new culture, new people and maybe even a new language. But giving up your beloved environment in your home country and moving abroad requires lots of organisation and work. In case you plan an international move, check out these 7 things you should remember in order to have an easy move and to settle in smoothly.

1. Research: Do your research about the country you will move to. Read about the history, the culture and the traditions, as well as Do’s and Don’ts. Also find out about taxes, the real estate situation and general living expenses – the next steps depend on a proper research.

2. What to do with the Interior: You have to decide early what you want to do with your furniture. Would you like to take it with you? If yes, get price quotes from different international moving and packing companies early and compare them – it is important to know how they operate and what is included in their service to make a decision. In case you’re unsure about your stay abroad and you don’t want to ship your interior yet, you should look for affordable storage opportunities instead.

3. What to do with the Car: Shipping a car can be very expensive – but not only because of the shipping costs itself, also because of different car restrictions in the new country. Collect information about shipping costs, car prices (buy as well as rental), insurance costs and gas prices abroad, before you decide to take your car. If you choose to ship it, ask your moving company if they also offer this service. In case they don’t, either change moving companies, or look for a car shipping company to hire additionally. If you come to the conclusion that you should not take your car with you, look for storage or sell it. Selling requires time, so decide what you want to do with your car in order to take actions in time.

4. What to keep; what to sell; what to buy: Based on what you find out during your research, you should start thinking early about what things you want to ship, what items you’d better sell – because you don’t want them anymore or because they are cheap to purchase abroad – and what you want to buy before you move – because these goods are more expensive abroad.

5. Important documents: Make sure you gather all needed documents in time! Your family’s passports – which have to be valid – , visas, custom papers for your shipped possessions etc..

6. Cancel running contracts: Don’t forget to inform your electricity and water supplier, as well as your internet and mobile phone network providers about your upcoming move early enough and cancel all running contracts. Also cancel all kinds of insurances (property, car, medical, dental etc.), in case they don’t provide affordable international insurance. Try to set up these services in your new home before you move, so everything is ready at your arrival.

7. Notification about changed address: One to two weeks before your move you should notify the post office about your changed address and arrange a redirection.

Even though it is lots of exhausting pre-work, consider these 7 tips before your international relocation, and the move itself will be as smooth as it gets.

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