New Home Owner’s Guide To Seasonal Home Maintenance

After becoming a homeowner, it won’t take long to discover that there are many different home projects to complete for perform required maintenance that is needed on the property. The steps that are taken throughout the year will work to protect the home and allow it to stay in great condition. The home will not only function more effectively, but will remain comfortable for each resident on the property.

Replace Furnace Filters

Each winter, it’s important to replace the filter on your furnace to ensure that there’s enough airflow and that it functions well for the season. Dirty or old filters can cause the heater to use more energy as it attempts to heat the home. The appliance should also undergo proper cleaning by a professional heating contractor like East Side Ventilation Ltd. to remove debris or dirt that has acquired with use.

Cover Outdoor Furniture

In the fall, it’s important to cover outdoor furniture, fire pits, and the pool in the backyard to protect it from rain and snow that will soon arrive. You also want to aerate the lawn and rake leaves that have fallen, which can damage both the lawn and the wood surface on a deck.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

After the winter season has passed, it’s important to clean gutters and downspouts to ensure that they continue to function well in the spring season. Use the decomposed leaves as mulch and remove mildew or mud that is present to prevent the gutters from becoming weighed down. Inspect for holes and repair any loose rivets that are needing to be fixed. While you’re up on the ladder, you can also inspect the roofs for cracks or missing tiles.

Give the Air Conditioner a Tune Up

Before the temperatures begin to rise in the summer, you’ll want to tune up your air conditioner and prepare it for the warm season ahead. Have it inspected by an HVAC professional and have the coils cleaned to potential prevent fires from occurring. The air filter should also be replaced every few months.

When it comes to caring for your new home and allowing it to functional well with each season, there are several steps to take with the maintenance that is needed. You’ll want to inspect the property on a regular basis to check for repairs that are required for a home that continues to be in great condition.