Organizing Your Home

We all know that an organized and neat home is a happy and beautiful home…

Organization is the key to every home. When there is organization, then the home is neat and clean, and it also helps us to find things more easily.

So today we prepared some tips on how to organize some rooms in your home.

The kitchen

Make zones in the kitchen

Group things in your kitchen based on their function. By the side of the fridge, you can put the blender zone, and on the shelves above, you can put the bowl zone. On the other side of the fridge you can have the making food zone… It’s a neat way to organize your kitchen, you’ll never be lost in there again.

Pull out storage

A smart choice for those corner elements in your kitchen are pull out shelves. Little fences on the shelves keep your things from falling down, and you can also put bottles there. Such a functional idea makes searching a lot easier, because you don’t have to open every drawer to find something.


Typical kitchen drawers are shallow and narrow, ideal for dishes. But, bigger drawers can be used as a smart choice for storing. These drawers can hold a bunch of dishes or big pots and pans. Because of this pull out mechanism, the things inside are easier to reach, so you don’t have to climb on your toes to get things anymore.

L shelves

Use the kitchen counter with the L shelves, because they let you store a lot of your things. Make sure they are secured well in the corners so they can carry heavy objects.

Storing across the whole wall

Turn your wall into a storage center. You need a commode that is big and spacious with a lot of shelves and drawers. You can hold your special occasion dishes there, your drinks, cookbooks or your silverware.

The bathroom

Built in storage

If storing is your priority, then think a storing tower. This tower uses vertical spaces for storing, it is also more accessible than closed storage spaces. Here you can hold your bathroom things and toiletry.

Smart and compact

For small bathrooms, think about shelves that come down and reveal a storage space behind. The shelf folds and goes into the wall, and it folds out and gives you extra space to put your things. When you are done, the shelf then goes on the wall and hides the extra storing space.

Be aggressive

The secret to bathroom organization is – be ruthless when it comes to throwing away what you don’t need. The bathroom is one of those rooms in which we put things we don’t use, and then we have to go through those things to find the things we use daily.

Get more storage space

If your bathroom is lacking the storage space it needs, use an old cabinet or commode, that you will redesign, to hold your sheets, towels and supplies. Usual things like shaving foam, hair straighteners, and similar things.

As you can see from these little tips, organizing your home isn’t difficult. With the right amount of light and the proper organization, everything will look better. Open your Vertical blockout blinds, dust that old cabinet, and your home will be neat in seconds.

By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the home decor, travel, entertainment, and much more. When not blogging, Milan likes to travel and read a lot.