Ornamental Fencing—What is It?

When adding ornamental fencing to your residence or commercial property it can give the landscape architectural beauty and style.  Depending on the type of fence that is used, it can provide security and privacy too.  The materials used for ornamental fencing includes wood, aluminum, vinyl, wrought iron, steel, and more.  The decorative fencing does not always surround and enclosed an area, but could be used to simply draw attention to a certain feature of landscaping.

What materials will be used to make your ornamental fence depends on what purpose it will serve.  If it is going to be used for privacy and security it will generally be taller than fencing that is just adding a decorative touch.  Another consideration in choosing the material is what type of upkeep and maintenance the difference fencing materials will need.  For example, with wood it will need treated or painted regularly.  Other fencing materials like vinyl, iron, or aluminum will not need as much maintenance after installing them.

If the fencing is going to be used to keep animals out or your pets in you will need the ironwork, slats, or boards close enough together so the animals cannot get in or out.  If you are going to use the fencing to surround your swimming pool it has to meet all the applicable local ordinances/building codes in order for it to be used for that purpose.  Ornamental fencing that will surround a pool must have self-closing and self-latching gates.  These two things are mandatory to protect any small children from wandering unsupervised into the pool area.

Many times if wrought iron ornamental fencing is chosen it is not used to surround the entire area, but is used to draw attention to the front of the property.  With some wrought iron gates and fencing brick or stone columns are seen supporting them.  The columns are necessary to stabilize the fencing as wrought iron is very heavy.  Today’s wrought iron fencing is manufactured to make it less prone to rust and oxidation.

With aluminum ornamental fencing it is made in sections and has a finish that is power-coated.  In the posts, brackets or holes are punched in them so the sections of fencing can be attached to the posts.  It is a very durable material for fencing and weather conditions that are harsh and it is easy to maintain the fencing due to the power-coating finish.

As you can see, ornamental fencing serves many purposes, from adding a decorative touch to certain areas of landscaping to providing privacy and security.  Adding this fencing could also raise the value of your property if you decide to sell.  To make sure your ornamental fencing covers your need do some comparison shopping.