Plantation Shutters For Bathroom and Kitchen Windows

Plantation shutters are the most simple, elegant and traditional way to protect and beautify your windows.  If you are looking for something that stays with you forever and which is less expensive than the stylish modern drapes available in the market, then plantation shutters are the right choice for you. These shutters are commonly used for kitchens and bathrooms, but they can be placed wherever you like. They are custom made for your windows and are designed to give maximum ventilation and sunlight. Unlike the traditional shutters which had small and narrow louvers, plantation shutters have wider louvers to provide a better outside view. These can be customised with narrow divider rail, which parts it into two halves. This partition gives a separate control for the top and the bottom louver. If you are sitting in your drawing room, you might just wish to close the lower louver for privacy and at the same time keep the upper louver open for enough fresh air and sunlight. This can be achieved through separate control of the louvers.

You can choose from various styles of plantation shutters available. You can custom make the size of the louver according to your taste and requirement. Generally a two and a half inch louver is adequate for an average size room with the normal height of the ceiling. But in huge rooms with very high ceilings, a three and a half inch louver should fit better. While purchasing a plantation shutter you can demand the company to make it according to the measurement of your window so that it fits perfectly. They give a customised look due to the position of the divider rails. Unlike the curtains and drapes, divider rails or a double hung styled shutters provide the option of keeping the shutter’s half open or half closed as per your need.

At times you might feel that you just require a half shutter for some of the windows. But there is not much difference in the price set for the half and full shutters. They may provide less insulation and fresh air. The full shutter instead gives the window a beautiful view and also protects your rugs and furniture from sun damage. There are many options and designs available for different sizes and shapes of the windows. You can choose from the bi-fold ones or the ones folding on top of the other and towards the sides. If you design them in double hung fashion then you have an option of opening the top louvers keeping the bottom ones closed. This way you can have it your way, either plunge opens the full window or half. You can also use these shutters for your doors. They are mostly used for the doors of a showroom or an office chamber to get a better outside view. For a softer look in your bedroom or other rooms you can personalise these shutters with drapes or valance. Plantation shutters give a uniform and elegant look to the windows of your house, enhancing its view from outside.

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