Post-Holiday Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps

The holiday season has come and gone, we have been able to share the love and joy of the season with families and friends; some from long distances away and possibly the only time of the year when we meet together and share the values of being a big and happy family. Now, everyone has gone back to their various abode and destinations, and then comes the unattractive job of a proper clean-up to return the home to the pre-holiday level of cleanliness which the family is known to keep as a standard in their home. In as much as this task might seem like an insurmountable one considering all the mess, these 5 simple steps in categories always eases the stress and pressure.

1. Clear everything that has to do with food:

c2We all know no holiday is complete without an abundance of food. This always seems like the most difficult task, but this is always the most satisfying psychologically when it is completed. Clear the dining table, refrigerate food that should be refrigerated and bin the leftovers. Proceed to the kitchen to clean the slabs, empty the sinks dry and save away silverware and mop the floor as tile cleaning could be tricky in its own right too. When this is done, you get a psychological boost like you are already half done with your post-holiday cleaning.

2. Sort out extra baggage and store away:

This includes everything that should not be where they normally should. It includes things like the Christmas light, gift wrappers, actual gifts, children’s toys, those board games that kept you company with your guests and so on. When this is done and completed, it gives the house a semblance of sanity. I always advice getting some rest after thisc3 to get the proper energy needed for the next task.

3. Vacuum, Clean, Dust:

This stage is the one which can be a bit tricky, especially in the area of carpet cleaning, as it is always one of the worst hit and affected of the holiday seasons; therefore, extra and delicate care must be taken in ensuring it is properly cleaned and freed from all the dusts and sandy particles which are mainstay characteristics of the holiday season. Not forgetting the fact that you also have to mop the floors of other environments not covered by carpets and rugs. The final activity of this stage is to carefully clean surfaces with a damp towel or napkin and employ the use of polish liquids where necessary.

4. Clean and Tidy Guest Areas:

c4With all said and done, it could be the time to tidy and clean the guest rooms and guest bathrooms and toilets. Endeavour to open windows for the allowance of fresh air as you never might be able to tell when next you will be hosting your next guest. Change beddings in the room and toiletries in the bathroom.

5. Emptying the Trash Bin:

No cleaning process is every complete without the trash bin being emptied in my own opinion and it does not differ with the post-holiday cleaning. Ensure that you are responsible about this as your own quota to the environment. It is also imperative to be careful not to litter, dirt on already cleaned surfaces as this might require extra cleaning. Finally, ensure that trash bins and bags are well secured so they do not spill out causing a mess for the community and those who will take them with trucks.

In summary, I like to coordinate the cleaning activity of my family after the holiday season and I ensure I lead by example, even after assigning tasks to each families. I hope you will also employ these strategies and find them useful.