Prototype Virtual Reality System is live on Gofundme

Are you planning to build a house? Have you designed your dream home and want to make sure you are happy with it? What if you could walk through it before it’s built, and preview the finished product, feel the scale of the rooms.

Everybody has an idea for new software and Virtual Reality certainly isn’t a new concept, however Scott Warren, a budding entrepreneur from Australia has released the prototype for a Virtual Reality software that could revolutionise the Architecture and home building industry as we know it.

Prototyping and visualisation technology has been a part of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries (AEC) for a long time and in fact has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, and now it’s Virtual Reality that is fast becoming the preferred visualisation approach in a world increasingly concerned with time-to-market and quick turn-over.

Virtual mock-ups streamline the process of evaluating input from the end users perspective when designing building projects, and typically this technology would only be available for large scale projects such as hospitals, large residential or commercial developments and even schools, universities or laboratories.

Now thanks to the innovation of the Prototype model, Scott has deigned a product that anyone can use for their own individual house building or home improvement project.

Scott’s Virtual Reality prototype allows the user to explore and tour the property while still in the architects computer. The technology has excellent functionality including allowing the user to move throughout the building to scale, inspecting the dimensions, size and spacing, to ensure the design and layout is both practical and desirable.

For the first time the home owner, builder and interior designer can gain concept well in advance of the house build.

For builders this provides an advantage ahead of the build to look at specs consider the different building materials and make recommended improvements or suggestions including cost savings.

For interior designers they have the opportunity to test models and try out different colour schemes, fittings and fixtures, throughout the build – extremely useful when considering accessories such as drapery, carpeting and flooring.

The kitchen layouts, bathroom layouts and even basements are all available to explore and trial different ideas before settling on the final specs and build.

In order to bring the software to market at a reasonable cost, Scott requires additional funding.

The business behind the software development includes the marketing and promotion of the product, improved user interface and development for various projects to include other small builds such as veterinary surgeries, stores and work or office spaces.

Scott has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme in the hope of raising the necessary funds to   provide the necessary peripherals including the VR headset, related equipment and f=und the promotion of the final product.

By supporting the campaign contributors will have the chance to test the early release, purchase the final product at an early bird rate and also purchase the peripherals including a VR headset.

You can view a video of the Prototype in action on Gofundme (see below).

If you have questions you can contact Scott Warren via the campaign