Reasons To Consider WA External Solutions For Re-Roofing Services

Even if you try build and maintain your roof so well, it will still deteriorate with time due to exposure to strong winds, hailstones, rain or in other harsh conditions. Sometimes, roof repair works but only for short term. If your roof is old or poorly installed, consider asking for help from a roof and gutter replacement expert in your area. Roof replacement is usually a major project so you need to find the best roofing contractor. WA External Solutions is a renowned provider of re-roofing services. If you are still wondering why we are experts in this business, consider the following reasons.

We Start with Roof Inspection

If a roof is poorly designed or very old, it is a safety hazard to the occupants. If you have any doubts about your roof, consider calling a professional to inspect it. After inspection, our technicians will give you an honest report about the sturdiness and expected life of the roof. It is better to let WA External Solutions replace your roof than exposing your clients or family members to danger by doing minor repairs.

Get Rid of Mildew and Mold

Apart from collapsing and causing injuries, a poorly constructed or old roof can cause ailments related to leakages. For example, mold and mildew will easily attack homes which are damaged by water. When this happens, roof replacement is the best option. Our team is ready to replace your roof and eliminate all mildew and mold.

Modern Re-Roofing Technology

WA External Solutions use the best roofing solutions available in the market today. A roof built in the 1970s is not as effective as a modern one. Our team uses superior designs and materials, to make roofs last longer. Other advantages of our roofing solutions include more appeal, comfort and energy efficiency.

Professional Re-Roofers

We use modern roofing materials including metal retrofit, metal, cool roofs and PVC. Our professionals have all the training and experience required to work with such materials. By proudly using strategies and products with ENERGY STAR rating, we help our clients to save on energy costs.

Free Estimate

When you decide to use our re-roofing services, we first offer you a free consultation. Part of this consultation is a “free estimate” of roof and gutter replacement services. We understand the importance of your roof for safety and comfort at home. Why continue spending lot of money for roof repairs while you have the option of an affordable, long lasting and modern roof replacement? At WA External Solutions, we have skill and knowledge necessary for a thorough roof replacement job. We have immense experience that makes us the first choice for roof replacement and installation for most property owners. We handle re-roofing projects for following facilities:

1. Hospitals

2. Schools

3. Residential

4. Commercial

5. Offices

6. Retail Stores

7. Warehouses

WA External Solutions is a licensed and certified re-roofing company that you can trust for all types roofing projects. We are proud to offer our clients reliable re-roofing solutions at affordable prices. Our services are comprehensive and adhere to quality standards. No matter what is the size of your commercial or residential re-roofing project, you can rely on our team for quick and efficient work. For an estimate or more information about our services, contact us today.