Reliability Of Gorenje Washers

Depreciation is an insect which bite every appliance with the passage of time. Such physical decline is inevitable. Normal wear and tear increases over the life of any appliance. Before buying a home appliance everybody think of buying a reliable product as physical deterioration reduces the technical capacity of the appliance. People spend cautiously while investing in home appliances and do not spend spree on them. Therefore, it is recommended to have a comparison between products of different brands so that one can learn from the experiences of the existing customers. The amount to be expended while buying a washer is quite bulky and nobody wants to invest his hard earned money in a wrong product. This is the reason that we collect the reviews and experiences from the users of these products comprising of the domestic customers, repair companies and home warranty providers and present it in a very easy to read and understandable way before you.

The Gorenje washers look quite strong and undoubtedly are handsome fellows with chiseled features. The Gorenje is a manufacturer from Slovenia and enjoys a lead in this world of appliances. The manufacturer is the producer of products which have streamlined bodywork and deliver high performance. The spin speed of the washers from Gorenje is quite impressive as they wring the clothes almost dry and thus save you from the hassles of drying it separately in the air. The products of this brand make use of efficient technology, which manages the load and wash the maximum in one lap only thus conserving the water and the detergent as well!

But each washer brand has its average span of life. The proverb also says that nothing lasts for life! There is a limited age of every product. This new site compares the different types of models of this leading brand with washers of other makes falling in the same range of prices. The comparison is basically on the basis of average life span of the machines. There are many buyers who face problem in the very initial year of their purchase and there are some who have used the washers even beyond their average span of life. Based on the ratings gathered from different individuals we have developed a comparison and provided percentages of the machines broken in the first year and those which lasted for more than three and five years. The longest duration for which Gorenje washers stayed operative was the whopping 15 years! But the average reliability and life expectancy is 9.4 years.

The unique features such as a self diagnostic and Sense IQ technology help in providing appropriate temperature, water, detergent, speed to the clothes, act in favor of the brand and provide it a cutting edge over the other models. The comparison has been carried out with all the major manufacturers and almost all of them have less life span than Gorenje. Only the life span of Bendix and Hitachi are 10.31 and 14.17 years, which are quite high in comparison to Gorenje. The survival rate of the Gorenje washers is also provided to reflect the working percentage beautifully through graphical mode.

The database from the major participant helps us in bringing one-to-one comparison of all the products.