Renovation Malaysia – Should You Move Out During Renovation?

The renovation could be fun and excited experience, but the noise, messiness and lack of privacy during a renovation is well enough to drive someone crazy.  In many cases, it is kind of annoying when the renovation work taking place, at which moving out temporary would be a very good idea for many homeowners. Below are some small tips and advice that you should consider before your renovation take place.

How to Deal With Contractors for Major Renovation

Most of us will not have any trouble dealing with electrician or plumber’s visit for small fixing tasks, but dealing with contractors for a major renovation that last for weeks or sometimes even months would be a different story. What you need to deal with not only contractors and communication, but constant noise, mess, endless entering and exiting of renovation crew members, dust and many more which could be quite bothered for most of the homeowner.

Before you start your renovation, ensure you have found the right person that you feel comfortable with. Find at least two to three renovator contractors before you hire them. If you found a contractor that you could feel comfortable from the start, will be easier for you to set the ground rules and less difficult to voice out your complaint for the work. But of course dealing with contractor is not just about complaining the best relationship between homeowner and contractor should be achieving mutual benefits and also respect. If the contractors are going to be working 8 hours in your house a day, make sure you allow them to use your washroom, if possible, recommend them with some lunch spots that might be needed for them. It is nothing bad to be polite and respecting each other, you may surprise how small courtesy could bring positive returns.

Renovation Malaysia – Should You Move Out During Renovation?

Move Out Temporary

Most of the contractors that have experience in major renovations knew that the noise and mess that emits during the renovation for long periods could make up a very uncomfortable space for not only the homeowner, but the neighbour as well. Before your renovation work get started, talk to the contractor about the expected renovation duration and whether it is good to stay away from the house in certain phases to make the renovation progress going smoother. But of course, not all homeowners have the necessary to move out as the renovation work started at day and ended in evening while some homeowner come home only at night.

You may consider renovation to be a perfect time for you to have a short trip to grandparent house or some vacation spot that near your house. As long as you are dealing with trusted contractor or site supervisor, you can take a short break and assured that the renovation progress going well while you are gone, and expected them to completed or nearly completed when you are back.

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