Roofing Company Credentials

We all know that a new roof for your home or your business building is a major expenditure that will be very pricey. This massive investment should be considered very carefully as the roof is a very important structural component of any building to function as a shelter. The proper installation for the new roof will require attentiveness and most importantly skill. Choosing a roofing company should not be taken lightly. Finding the right company for you is essential to the success of your project. Part of finding the right company means finding out a potential company’s credentials. These credentials can determine whether or not the company is a legitimate establishment you would like to employ.


This is the easiest of tasks. This is even easier if you are living in a wet climate area. The information is readily available in the yellow pages or the Internet, which will give you results for many roofers. Finding a reliable roofer who will work hard is another task altogether. You will want to work with a roofer who is experienced. He or she should have a track record of satisfied customers who are willing to give honest feedback of their experience with the contractor. The best way to narrow your search for a reliable contractor is by speaking to your family, friends, colleagues and your neighbors about their various experiences with roofers. From this information you should be able to acquire a shortlist of the roofers. One more thing is that you need to know after you have your short list of roofers whether they are qualified and will be able to provide you with the kind of services that you need.


One sure sign that you should look out for so that you can determine if your contractor is a trustworthy and reliable professional is if there is stability in the industry. If a roofing company has been serving a community and is well established for several years then it is very likely to be a company with a solid reputation. In a community, word of mouth catches like forest fire, and the disreputable contractors will become well known by the community members. This will make them have a difficult time trying to conduct business in the same location. A trained professional contractor that has been serving a particular community for more than ten years is one who is experienced and has the proper qualifications necessary to repair or replace a roof.


The roofing materials used such as the shingles or the shakes are generally covered by warranty. But the roof labor is not included in this warranty and should be handled separately. Normally you would want to work with a roofer or contractors who will offer a warranty on labor for at least 10 years after the installation of the roof. This indicates that he or she can stand for his work.


Permits may be quite expensive and homeowners or business owners may not be too familiar with them. You need an experienced roofer who is familiar with which permits are required or how much they will cost for a roofing company.

Be careful to note that not all roofing services are insured for liabilities. The worker compensation is mandatory, but you will still want to ask the potential roofers about any insurance coverage that they are covered under. The replacement or repair of a roof is will need your utmost attention as any leniency will have you lose in terms of time, materials and more so the finances which are not minimal. You need to be informed and keep a close eye on what is involved in the project and if it is going as it should.

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