Shop For Double Glazing Without Getting Stung

The changing of the home’s windows is among the most significant overhauls homeowners can plan to implement. It is just shy of repairs to the roof, or complete frank extension. Such significant project is worth the enthusiasm, because the final result, stunning newly installed windows and doors, can bring a bunch of benefits, in the short term and in the long term as well.

The benefits range from lower energy bills to more security for the home, and in general the property values rising massively. These are rewarding upsides when quality new sash windows and doors are installed. But whether you will get all these benefits, and the accompanying perks as well, depends wholly on the quality of installation and on choosing the best providers in the business. Even the best hardware quality can be ruined if it is installed poorly and lower quality windows and doors do not bring benefits to anyone, though they may be installed with the utmost attention and supreme care.

If the boxes, “quality” and “installation” are ticked, that means you are making the right choice of the service provider. It really looks a simple, easy task – just follow an online search and you find an affordable fitter. But the mix of factors has a plethora of negative elements too, so it is crucial to make sure you will not go with a less capable entity in the industry.

According to window glazing professionals, it is really easy to avoid getting stung – as long as you look out for the following and notice when it is time to walk away from a fitter:

Pushy Sales Offers

The difference between fitters advertising their services and those who openly beg clients to choose their business is really important. Should you see that a sales pitch is pushy, and the brand is desperate to sell, that should send the signal that such fitters’ work is not fantastically in demand and their reputation is far from stellar. If, at any time, you feel you are faced with any kind of pushy offers, it is worth looking elsewhere instead.

Hasty Decisions

Similarly, another signal that should raise a red flag is the wish of a double glazing seller to go out of their way in order to persuade you to sign up with them in the fastest way. The choice is a major decision that will certainly impact your home in the next decades – so it is natural for you to have some time to make up your mind. Whenever a seller adamantly insists you sign instantly, pointing out it is an offer of the ‘now or never’ type, that means they certainly know you are likely to find better deals elsewhere. Do go and look elsewhere!

Poor Portfolio

It is easy for double glazing companies to make their websites attractive with pictures of their new windows, but it is quite another matter when a site boasts its own portfolio. In the double glazing industry all companies have tangible results, day in day out. It is natural to expect them to show not only pictures but a portfolio too, so that prospective customers can explore it and evaluate their work. If the fitting company does not offer a portfolio on its website, then you must stop and ask yourself about the reasons this is the case.

Rough Estimates

When rough estimates are offered, that should make you realize you may be facing a dodgy dealer who is trying to make profit at the expense of clients – by offering rough estimates, and not concrete quotes. It is a certain fact that after the company knows the number of windows and doors that are to be ordered, and also the kind of property where they will be installed, they can easily calculate the exact price. So when there is just a rough estimate, or when you are given the quotes only verbally, it is a signal you may be heading for trouble if you sign up.

Too Good to Be True

Deals on windows and doors which sound too good to be true are most likely not true. Whenever you come across an offer cheaper than the industry average for hardware and installation, for example 75% below the average offered on the market, you may well expect to ‘fall off the lorry’ before long.

In general, the above tips along with reliable client feedback will make it easy for you to find a trustworthy double glazing installation provider.