Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Anyone who has trees in their yard needs to know that as beautiful and attractive as they are, they are not cast in concrete. As a result of this, they are subject to losing their strength and integrity on account of pest infestation, disease or age. Any tree that has lost its strength and integrity becomes a serious safety hazard especially if it is in a high traffic area of your yard or in a range of homes. You don’t have to wait for disaster to strike before you take action because it could be too late; instead, you need to check for signs that it is time to call a tree removal specialist to come and deal with it.

Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Leaning tree: Trees may lean naturally but in some cases there are leans that could be a sign that the tree is dead or dying and may soon fall over. The rule of the thumb is that when a tree is leaning more than 15% from its vertical position, you need to call a tree removal expert to remove it immediately. However, in case of any other type of lean you need to call an arborist. Extreme or sudden tree leanings require emergency tree service providers so they can deal with it immediately because it could be an indication of weakening roots or a breakage.

Damage or decaying roots: Tree roots always give the greatest indication of the health of a tree. Whenever you are confronted with decaying or damaged roots, an emergency tree removal expert needs to be called as a matter of urgency. Such a tree will have lost most if not all its structural support and could fall any time without warning.

Compromised or hollow tree trunk: Check to see whether your tree has cavities or cracks as an indication that the tree is no longer strong. Ask an arborist to inspect your tree and advice whether the cavities you see are big enough to become hazardous; you should also get concerned when you discover large sections of the bark missing on the tree trunk. When the trunk also becomes hollow, that is a great sign of danger and the sooner an arborist inspects it the better for everyone. Even though a tree with a hollow trunk can actually survive, the hollow greatly compromises its structural integrity. Be on the lookout also for dead branches that may require a tree trimming expert to remove them.

Every tree has a lifespan and it eventually reaches a point where it becomes too old or unsafe if it continues to remain at your yard. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to inspect your trees and check for any strange happenings that could be potentially dangerous. You are better off calling emergency tree removal experts that waiting and risking your home, family members and even passersby.