Sofa Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Your living room is one of the spaces of your house where comfort is necessary and the inviting ambiance has to be the prime consideration. In order for you to accomplish that, all the pieces of your living room have to blend seamlessly with each other.

Just like what most interior decorators do, the most practical first step is to pick out the sofa and then design the living room with that sofa as the center. This can be a very expensive first step and quite a limiting one if you aren’t wise with your choice of sofa color.

To keep your design options open in the future, below are some sofa colors for you:

1. White

Spelling elegance and laid-back comfort in one, white is a popular neutral color for a reason. The great thing with white is that it is the perfect black canvas. You can add whatever accessories may be in fashion at the moment and then start from scratch once a new trend hits the shelves of your nearest home improvement store.

The main drawback with white is the fact that it does not cover up stains very well. In fact, it highlights any kind of stain, of whatever size or intensity. Check the stain resistance of the fabric making up the upholstery of your sofa and pick out fabrics which can be bleached.

2. Cream

If you do not want to commit to white but are drawn to something light and bright, then the next best thing would have to be cream. Cream lends a warmer atmosphere to the room compared to traditional white. While you have, more or less, the same flexibility as white with cream, there are certain colors which are just excellent when paired with the latter, including navy, red and gray. For a more classic look, go with the timeless black and cream combo.

3. Tan

Together with caramel, these richer and warmer neutrals are wonderful when placed alongside the colors blue and black as well as any other fall color. If you want to go for a more interesting color palette, pair up your tan or caramel pieces with tartan, red and black plaid and black and white houndstooth patterns.

4. Brown

While gray may have stolen the thunder from brown, this color still has a lot to offer. It is a wonderful neutral color which would have a room in any kind of living room. Maintaining its classic symbol, it is always in style.

5. Gray

There are different types of gray that will look great in any living room — the light gray and the dark gray. Also known as the stone gray, the light gray complements wonderfully with wood tones plus hides dirt cleverly. Professionals who were successful in Nick Scali furniture careers suggest that  true gray works well with pieces that have jewel tone colors as well as black and white colors.

While gray definitely lends some personality to a room, it is a versatile color that would look great in any kind of space.

Tom Watts, the writer, loves blogging about home comfort and designs. He writes useful articles for clients who wants ready answers on the proper way to design one’s home. Tom also features stylish homes with practical approach to comfort and aesthetic.

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