Steel Beams and RSJs – How To Avoid A Bum Deal

You’d think that in an industry as niche as the structural steel retail trade, it would be almost impossible to come across a dodgy dealer or any kind of bum deals. After all, there are far more obvious trades and sectors out there that attract rogue traders and questionable types than others – surely there’s no such thing as getting the short end of the stick when shopping for RSJs, right?

Well, according to the experts at it is in fact exceptionally rare to come across a genuinely dodgy deal in this industry. As already touched upon, the reason is of course the fact that it is such a niche sector with a very specific target market – there are easier ways to swindle people for those choosing to do so. Nevertheless, whenever there’s a way of making as much money as possible regardless of the consequences for other people, there will be those willing and happy to do so. As such, it’s important not to take things for granted but to instead be proactive and at least sensibly cautious when shopping for structural steel supplies, in order to both avoid dodgy deals and get the best possible deal every time.

1 – Missing the Middleman

Undoubtedly, the single most effective way of doing this is to cut out the middlemen entirely and to deal with the manufacturer. For reasons that are too obvious to need explaining, the actual manufacturers and producers of steel beams and RSJs are so comparatively thin on the ground that unsavoury goings on simply do not happen. Instead, any dodgy business to creep into the occasion does so at the re-seller/middleman level, where those selling on the products of other brands and manufacturers may choose to have their wicked way. As such, if you want to cut out entirely the chance of taking home a bum deal, the easiest and most effective way of doing so is to cut out the middleman and buy directly from manufacturers and wholesalers exclusively.

2 – Beware Bargains

Even the very best structural steel components like RSJs on the market in the United Kingdom have never been more affordable. But at the same time, there’s a very big difference between a great deal on a range of fantastic products and a bargain that it’s simply too good to be true. Chances are that if you were to compare a dozen of quotations for the same order of structural steel components, you’d find the UK’s best suppliers and manufacturers quoting very similar rates.  As such, when and where you find yourself looking at a deal which for some unknown reason is 50% or even 75% cheaper than any other you’ve come across, alarm bells should most definitely start ringing. The simple fact of the matter in this instance is that the highest quality steel on the market sells for a certain price at any given time – anything suspiciously cheap should be treated with…well, suspicion.

3 – Second Hand Supplies

The subjects of second-hand structural steel supplies is one that has always divided the market right down the middle and will probably continue to do so indefinitely. The reason being that while there are thousands of steel beams and RSJs on the second-hand market which are not only fantastic in quality but on sale for fantastic prices, there’s also a sizable arsenal of products quite to the contrary. As such, it’s a case of ‘buyer beware’ when it comes to picking up such critically important building materials second-hand as there are often no guarantees that what you are buying is in fact all it appears to be. Picking up used steel beams and RSJs from reputable suppliers is one thing – buying them privately from an unknown seller is something else entirely.

4 – Reputation and Feedback

Last but not least, one of the other absolutely infallible options when it comes to ensuring the deal you get is the best possible deal is to look carefully into the reputation and feedback of the supplier you intend to do business with. These days, it is literally impossible to get away with doing anything untoward whatsoever without earning an avalanche of negative feedback, criticism and general chatter from those you have wronged. The web has made it so easy for people to share their feedback, recommendations and warnings that most do exactly that. Or in other words, whichever brand or business it is you are considering dealing with, it’s really just a case of checking them out online and seeing what has been said about them to establish whether or not they are the real deal.