The Bench Has Moved Out Of The Park

Benches are no longer confined to parks and schools anymore. In fact, benches have been integrated into the most stylish homes. If you want to incorporate the domesticated bench into whichever part of your house, then below are some tips to do just that:

The Nelson Bench

One popular bench type is called the Nelson Bench. This bench was designed by the George Nelson in 1946, and is considered as one of the most hardworking pieces of household furniture there is. The biggest selling point of the Nelson Bench is the fact that it is a perfect amalgamation of form and function. This platform bench can be as sturdy as a table but also serves as an excellent seating option.

This type of bench is both modern and warm at the same time, blending wonderfully with wooden floors. For a very modern take on the Nelson Bench, position it along the hallway or across the hall from the stairs for a mirroring effect.

The Custom Metal and Wood Bench

This kind of bench is a wonderful marriage of sleek and rustic at the same time. This bench has a metal frame with charcoal black color and is topped off with a thin slab of perfectly finished wood. For a really modern look, place this custom metal bench in the dining room for seating to create very elegant lines. Against a white wall, the beauty of the wooden bench, including its grain, can really be highlighted.

The Whitewashed Wooden Bench

You can play with whitewashed wood and still come up with a very dramatic look for your room, including your dining room. For a very minimalistic and monochromatic look, match a whitewashed table and two whitewashed benches together. With the benches positioned on both sides of the whitewashed table, you can place two black drum pendants on both ends of the table.

Complete the entire look with two black circular light fixtures. With white walls and a large mirror reflecting the entire dining room set-up, you’ll have that very expensive, high-end dining room.

The Black Leather Upholstered Bench

If you live in high-rise condominium and you have limited space but outstanding views, then use the leather upholstered bench as an anti-focal point. The anti-focal point is the complete opposite of the focal point; instead of attracting the attention of those who enter the room, the anti-focal point allows the eyes to trail right to the intended focal point.

The bench does not have any backs and so the view can be left completely unobstructed.  You can see great examples in  Nick Scali on twtter.Pair these dark small benches that accommodate two people each with a dark beautifully grained, wooden table good for four people. And the best thing about having a bench for dining room seating is that you can just tuck them under the table and save a lot of space in the process.

Benches are no longer confined to grassy pastures or concrete sidewalks anymore. By incorporating the bench in your own home, you can take advantage of its understated charm.

Jade Howell, a professional interior designer and writer, shares the best tips when it comes to home furniture. She has several interesting suggestions when decorating outdoor spaces at home.

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