The Most Convenient and Efficient Alarm System

At Serious Security they are very conscious of the need to provide only the best and most efficient alarm systems on the market. The reasons for believing that this is their primary responsibility are many and self-evident. The security of your house is very important to you and that means a totally reliable system that is convenient and easy to operate. The system itself must be first class that requires them to conduct inquiries and tests of the products that they procure from manufactures to ensure you get the very best.

No Wires Means no hassle and Inconvenience

Their wireless alarm systems have been fully tested and ready for immediate use by their customers. You need not worry about the quality and efficiency of their alarms. Of course they come with no wires and that means less hassle and less inconvenience in installing them in your home. Another great side of this wireless feature is the alarms won’t be easily detected by burglars making it doubly risky for them to try their luck on your house. It doesn’t spoil the look of your exterior part of your house, but maintains its clean and welcoming appearance while it ensures its security.

Relocation is Problem Free

When the time for relocating comes to move you and your belongings to another more favored site, their alarm will not become an impediment to the move.  In fact they help to make moving easier. All you need to do is simply unplug them where they are presently installed, pack them up safely and just as quickly, extract them from the box and install them directly in your new home. The whole operation can be completed so quickly and efficiently you won’t even notice the alarm system is in place.

Remotely Controlled by Keypad

Like all modern security systems these days, their wireless alarm systems are also versatile. They can be configured in so many different ways they can cover any specific situation.  There are different configurations for the sensors, switches and movement detector that can be connected to a centralized monitoring panel. From here it is possible to activate or deactivate the system whenever needed. In addition, their alarm systems may be connected to your own mobile phone that can also act as a central remote control for your system. They have the whole works!

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Your need for a wireless system and having it installed in your home can be fulfilled by their expertise. Call them now on 02 8091 8008 for a free quote and see just how efficient they are in doing their work.