The Right Way To Turn Your Home Into A Playground

Children have a need to run around and play whether they are at the playground or whether they are at home. While parents may prefer that they run around and play in an area where they don’t need to clean up afterward, it may be safer for kids to play at home. How can parents create the playground experience without having to take the kids out?

Provide Soft Surfaces Wherever the Kids Play

The most important playground equipment in the home is the soft surfaces that they can play on like the surface of this playground in Manhattan for example. This is because children are going to bounce off the walls, fall on the ground and otherwise be oblivious to where they are while playing a game. To avoid scraped knees, bruised shins or broken bones, install carpeting, padding or extra sand on the play surface if playing outside.

Kids Love to Dig and Explore

A sandbox is the perfect piece of playground equipment for kids to dig and play without getting into much trouble. Sandboxes can be installed outside and easily covered to withstand the rain or keep animals out of it when it is not in use. If there is enough space indoors, it may be possible to turn the basement into a beach area without having to leave the home. This may ideal for parents of children who have allergies or burn easily when in the sun.

Add Toys That Are Age Appropriate

Kids will get frustrated if their toys are too big or too hard to handle when trying to play with them. This could lead to tears, pouts and a child that is not having a good time. It is important to have tricycles with big pedals for little legs and toys that light up and are easy to grip for toddlers who may not have large hands or attention spans.

Have a Wide Variety of Things for the Kid to Do

Smaller children are not going to keep their interest in the same toy for long. Babies who have just learned how to walk may pick up one toy, look at it and throw it across the room before going on to the next toy. Younger children may decide one day that they want to ride their bike and the next day want to play video games. Having a wide variety of activities keeps each activity fresh and interesting over the long-term.

Don’t Worry About Messes

Kids are going to make messes when they play. If you can’t stand spilled paint, mud or other filth in the play area, it is not going to be worth creating. Therefore, find a place in the house where you can afford to be dirty and embrace the mess. When done right, this is the where your child is going to make great memories if you let them.

Parents of children who are energetic need a place where they can play while at home. When it is raining out or the kids are home sick from school, they need a place to go to pass the time safely and without driving mom and dad too crazy.