The Top 6 Improvements To Make To A Townhome

A townhome can be a very smart choice for home buyers for a number of reasons. The prices for Daybreak townhomes for sale are usually much less expensive than other homes, and people can get more space than an apartment without having to deal with as many of the home maintenance duties that buying a single-family home would entail.

Even though townhomes have their benefits, there are also some drawbacks to living in a townhome. However, there are some ways home owners can solve these issues. Here are the top six improvements to make to a townhome.

Make the Outside of the Home Look Unique

Townhomes are notorious for looking the same throughout the community. Many people prefer this look and home owners associations often set in some standards to keep it this way. However, some originality can be beneficial and any home owner can find some ways to incorporate this into their own home. Simple changing the door to a different color can be a great change that fits within the rules.

Install Creative Storage Options

Storage is often limited in a townhome. People can struggle to smash all of their things into tiny closet spaces, or they can find new ways to add storage to the home. There are a lot of great options that can easily improve storage and the overall appeal of the home. Some popular options include a vanity around the toilet in the bathroom and hanging storage in the garage.

Update Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is often the area in the home that looks outdated before any other area. This is usually because of the appliances in the kitchen. Not only are old appliances difficult to work with, they can also age the entire home. Changing out a few pieces can make a huge difference for the whole house.

Paint a Fresh, New Color on the Walls

Painting is one of the simplest changes that anyone can make to their townhome. Painting the walls makes the space original and unique to the family living in it. A fresh paint color can also brighten up the space and hide any imperfections left behind from previous owners.

Add Extra Drywall to Block Sound from a Shared Wall

Townhomes usually have at least one shared wall. This is not usually an issue, unless the neighbors are being loud. Creating a better sound barrier is one of the most valuable improvements anyone can make to a townhouse. Adding another layer of drywall is the simplest and least expensive way to block excessive sound.

Create a Useable Outdoor Space

Most townhome communities will have little to no outdoor space for each home. Though the home owner’s association will have many restrictions for this, there are some little updates that can go a long way in the yard. For example, laying down some lawn stones and a nice patio set can be all a family needs for an enjoyable outdoor space.