Things To Avoid When Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, you will have read about the top tricks required to sell your home; whether that is DIY, using online services or even investing in a complete makeover of your living space to get it sold. Whatever it is you follow, you hope that it will help with a house sale, but did you know that there are certain things you could do that could put off a potential buyer. We have spoken to online Yorkshire estate agent, Jet Homes to see what things you should be avoiding.

Bright, too bright, colours

One of the things that can really jeopardise a house sale is the use of bright colours in your living areas. Yes, when you were living in the house, it was your taste, style and choices that made the biggest differences for you to live in that home.

What you can’t afford to do though is, marginalise the people that are looking to buy your home. If the house is brightly coloured it can put some potential buyers off and you will want to ensure that you can get the best price for your house as well; some buyers may think that the amount of work required to make it theirs is going to cost a lot of money so they will try and drive down price.

To avoid; bright colours.

The solution; use neutral colours and even plain wallpaper if required.

Large electronic items

You have a beautiful living room, but no one can see it because; you decided that the plasma TV that was on offer last Christmas was too good to not miss. Well, here’s the problem, large electronic items such as the big TV or stereo equipment can drown out the look and feel of a family room.

This doesn’t mean that you go selling these items, but where possible look to move them into rooms that can house the size of the pieces individually or, if at all possible, lift them from the ground use furniture to house the items.

To avoid; large electronic items.

The solution; raise them from the ground and place in storage units if at all possible.

Don’t outgrow your street

One of the biggest mistakes that someone can make is the thought that the best way to add value to their home is by sticking an extension or conversion in their homes. The thought isn’t wrong, however, have you ever considered if the upgrade is needed to get that extra house value, or, and more importantly, if the extra value can be afforded for your street?

For example, a typical £4000 conversion of a loft could add anywhere near £15,000 to your house value, but does this price you out of the market for when it comes to selling your home?

To avoid; costly building projects.

The solution; consult with a builder and estate agent when possible before undertaking any work on your home.

Don’t always fix it yourself

You will have seen around the web a bunch of tips about getting your house ready for a home sale. Did you however know, that sometimes, one of the worst things you can do is undertake the DIY yourself for when at a small cost a qualified and registered tradesman could help with.

From uneven wallpapering, to botch painting jobs and ruined kitchen work surfaces, DIY sometimes can be more costly than calling in the pros.

To avoid; thinking you can do it all yourself.

The solution; Call around a bunch of trades people and get quotes, the cheapest may not always be the best, but don’t forget to haggle on a price reduction.