Things To Do Before Conducting Pest Control

Roaches and bedbugs are a common pest control problem that we all face. During your first encounter with a certain pest you will go through a range of emotions from shock, fear, anger and anxiety. When running to the grocery store to pick up the strongest and most poisonous pesticide out there remember to grab few extra things

In order to prevent an infestation and get rid of your pest problem, you will need to conduct a professional pest control. However while you are waiting for the professionals to get to your house here are a few things you need to do in order to reduce your problem.

1. Name the Pest:

You will need to identify what type of pest problem you have in order to get the best and the most effective treatment options. If you have roaches your problem will be easier to fix then that of a bed bug problem. Remember describe your pest problem to the professional. Not all roaches and bed bugs are the same, different species require different treatment options. This will affect what type of spray or powder you buy.

2. Clear the Room:

You must conduct a deep cleaning service of your house in order to ensure that the bugs have no possible hiding places and no source of food. Remember, start from one side of the room and move down, never mix the infected belongings with the clean area. When in the store for pesticides, grab some bleach and heavy scrubs in order to thoroughly clean your house.

3. Check what you Buy:

When buying pesticides or requesting for a pest control service make sure to check the warning labels. Some pesticides are not only deadly to bugs but are also deadly to humans. You should be especially cautious if you have a child or a pet in your house. When you first notice the presence of pests in your house make sure to put powdered pesticides between the gap of the door, and around the infected areas.

4. Lock Away Everything:

When cleaning your house and your belongings double bag everything. Go through all your papers, your disks and your clothes. Clean everything and wrap it in plastic to guarantee that no eggs are left on any surface.

5. Let Air Circulate:

After conducting a professional pest control service or spraying aerosol spray yourself make sure to ventilate your house for at least two hours before entering it. Be very careful about touching the sprayed surface, take extra precaution when cleaning.

Remember although you are bigger than the pest, they are small and cunning. In order to defeat them you will need heavy duty artillery and help from professional pest control providers.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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