Tips For Lighting With Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are very popular light fixtures and are ideal for practical and decorative purposes. Installing wall sconces in your foyer, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom is a great way to maximize a small space because these are mounted on the wall and will not need to occupy a spot on a table or floor unlike lamps. They are also a good addition to any interior décor, as there are several options available in the market that can match the particular design of your room.

There are a few pointers you will have to keep in mind when hanging your wall sconces to successfully incorporate these into your space and achieve the look that you want.

The Number of Wall Sconces to Be Hung

Prior to deciding how to hang them you need to determine which wall will be used for hanging the wall sconces. Depending on the area of the room you then need to decide how many wall sconces are required to provide enough light and use up the area available efficiently and effectively. If a large area is available, the best thing to do is probably hang more than one wall sconce. However, it is important not to overdo it.

The Size and Arrangement of the Wall Sconces

There is no magic number as to the size and the number of wall sconces that will generally work for every room. You will have to consider a few things. If there are other hangings or decorations, such as paintings, then the size and number of your fixtures will have to be in proportion to these. You will have to make sure that the wall sconces that you choose would not look too small or too big when placed among these existing decors.

You will also have to choose a style that will complement with the rest of these hangings. As for the arrangement, there is no hard rule on this as well, but generally, a painting looks better with wall sconces on both sides. But aside from highlighting in the room, a wall sconce can also become a focal point. In certain cases, you may mount a single, ornate wall sconce that is big enough to occupy a particular space on a wall.

Tips For Lighting With Wall Sconces


Although wall sconces are aesthetically pleasing, always remember that their primary function is to provide illumination. So when it comes to determining where they should be mounted, look around the room and determine the spots where additional lighting will be needed. If you plan to have them in your bedroom for reading lights, it will be wonderful to install them at either side of the bed, just a few inches above your bedside tables.

If you need lighting for your vanity, position the wall sconces on both sides of the mirror.

Proper Installation of the Fixtures

With a pencil and a tape measure, mark a line where the wall sconces will be mounted, taking into consideration the factors mentioned above as well as the ceiling height. A leveling tool will also be useful in making sure that the wall sconce is hung accurately. Fix the wall sconces firmly onto the wall with screws. The screws should be large enough to hold the fixture.

Do not over tighten the screws, just enough to hold the fixture without it tilting to one side or the other.

Wall sconces are a great decorative and lighting addition to any space, as long as they match the rest of your décor and are installed correctly. By keeping these tips in mind, you can be confident that you will be selecting the right fixtures for your home and mounting them like a pro.

Joan Silver is a known lighting expert from Capitol Lighting ( and a fan of all things “lighting”. She currently provides customers and designers with robust information on their lighting needs.