Tips To Set Up A Functional Yet Stylish Studio Apartment

Doing up a studio apartment can be fun but challenging, since a studio apartment is by definition, a smaller space where you have to make the most of every nook and cranny; where you have to marry functionality with a high enough style quotient as well. Here are some tips for creating a stylish studio space that is also practical and comfortable.

Create Zones within the Space

Since a studio apartment basically consists of one large room or area that has to suffice for the living room, bedroom and kitchen it can be a good idea to create zones. Creating separate areas for sitting, sleeping and working can help create a feeling of more space.

Get Only what is Really Functional

You may like that corner table you saw the last time you visited a flea market, but will it serve any useful purpose in a studio apartment? Everything that you get for a studio apartment must pass the usefulness test.

Pick Double up Furniture

A dining table that doubles up as a work area, a sofa or lounger that transforms into an extra bed when required – this is the sort of furniture to choose; furniture that performs two functions.  Pick stools that also double as storage spaces or a bed with storage space below.

Be Careful About the Type of Furniture you Pick

Pick furniture with spare, clean lines. This not only looks great, it gives an impression of uncluttered, minimalist style to your studio space and actually creates more space. For instance a bed without a headboard takes less space. A low slung bed gives an impression of more space too. Pick nesting chairs or tables; items that stack up and out of the way when they are not needed and can be brought out to quickly create more seating and work areas when required.

In a studio apartment, a wall mounted TV has to be a no-brainer. An entertainment center would be distinctly superfluous. The DVD player, speakers, and audio system can be mounted on the wall and out of the way. With everything controlled by remote these days, most things don’t even have to be within arm’s reach.

Studio Décor Tips

You can pass up on a lot of knick-knacks, mementoes and other décor items. They are only going to clutter up the space and require cleaning and dusting. To add color and character to the room, use items like interesting window dressings – roman blinds with an interesting pattern for instance. Use bookshelves as wall art. Interesting bed linen, throw pillows or bright cushions – all these serve to liven up the space, but are also functional. Skip the carpeting and the rugs – those can make a place seem smaller and more crowded.

To add personality and individuality to the space, add a few personal, quirky touches to the room. A fun photo collage on the wall or a funky mirror that creates an illusion of space can be good ideas.

Arranging Furniture the Right Way

Use any natural light and let that filter into the room to give an impression of space. Using light colors on the walls will also help reflect natural light and will also give the feel of a large interior. To this effect, arrange furniture close to the walls and leave more space in the center.  Be sure to make use of the corners and the crannies to stow away things or to fit furniture. Utilize space in the bathroom as well. The space under or over the basin, high cabinets and so on can be used to store linen, towels and toiletries.

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