Tri-Flow Kitchen Mixer Taps by Brita

Looking for a simple way to enjoy fresh, clean filtered water right from the sink? Brita taps put access to filtered water right at the sink and are a convenient option for anyone who wants to benefit from the use of filtered water in their homes.

The Benefits of Filtered Water

The use of water filters is on the rise in the UK as more people are discovering the benefits of using filtered water. A high quality water filter can remove impurities that impact the taste of water, allowing water straight from the tap to taste as pure as water from a bottle but without all of the plastic waste. Water filters also remove heavy metals that can build up in the body and increase one’s risk for developing serious illnesses. Not just for drinking water, a water filter can also cut down on the build-up of limescale and other minerals on the surfaces of cookware and appliances.

What Is a 3-Way Tap?

There are many ways to begin enjoying the benefits of filtered water, and in-sink filters are one option. The very first in-sink water filters were installed on a separate fixture in a sink and dispensed via a secondary tap. This often meant having to replace a sink to add a water filtration system or making costly adjustments to plumbing. The tri-flow tap was developed to eliminate these problems. With this type of tap, filtered water is dispensed through the main tap when a lever is pulled. In Brita brand taps, the filtered water dispenser lever is branded with the brand logo to make it easy to spot.

Tri-Flow Kitchen Mixer Taps by Brita

The Brita Advantage

Brita has added a number of innovations to their 3 in 1 kitchen faucets that set them apart from the competition. The taps come with a water hardness testing kit that makes it easy to adjust the levels of filtration to ensure the best possible water quality. The system also has a smart sensor that lets you know just when you need to change your filter based on your individual water quality. When it’s time for a filter change, an indicator light will notify you, so that you can maintain the high quality level of your water. These unique features help to guarantee the best results possible from a home water filtration system with a tri-flow tap.

So Many Stylish Options

One of the biggest advantages of Brita triflow kitchen mixer taps is the large variety of styles found in the collection. The taps are available with different finishes and a variety of neck designs to complement your decor, and Brita has created styles with various handle options to meet your needs. Easy to install, the taps enhance the functionality of your sink while adding to the entire decor of the kitchen.

With so many Brita Tri-Flow Kitchen Mixer Tap styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect option to complete your sink and treat you to the convenience of hot and cold water and filter water all provided from a single tap.