Typical Services You Can Expect From Your Plumber

Plumbing problems are fairly common in sub-urban homes. Most of the times, the problem can be easily identified as a plumbing problem. But sometimes it can be difficult to identify the type of the problem. In sub-urban and apartment buildings where there is a complex network of pipes, electric wires and air conditioning ducts, it’s even harder to correctly identify the problem. Calling the wrong service for a plumbing problem will only make it worse. Hence it’s better to stay informed about the plumbing problems. If miss-diagnosed, plumbing problems can also lead to other structural problems which may not fall under the category of plumbing problems. In this article we will tell you about different types of plumbing problems and the services that you can expect from your local plumber.

  • Unblocking of Pipes:

If your home is quite old then there is a possibility that you will face this problem. It’s fairly common for old homes to have blocked pipes. It results from the rusting of the water pipes. If the water supply in your area is saline then there is an even greater chance of encountering this problem. Over the time due to running water, especially if the water is saline, the pipes get rusted. The rust material from the pipes gets deposited and blocks the water path. If you notice that there is no water coming out of the tap even when you have a full water tank or continuous service of running water then it’s time to call your local plumber.

  • Moisture in Walls:

If you notice that there is moisture in the walls of your home even when it’s not raining then it means one thing – you have a pipe that’s leaking water into the walls. Leaking pipes can prove to be a disaster for your home. Continuous presence of moisture in the walls can endanger your home’s structural integrity and can cause damage to the network of electric wires running through the walls. What’s even worse is that moist walls can also become a health hazard as they support the growth of mold and other harmful fungus. In order to properly diagnose the problem and to identify the source of leakage you need to call an experienced plumber. Some plumbing services also offer contract based services. You can give them the contract of your house’s plumbing repairs and they will routinely inspect your house for any plumbing problems that need to be fixed.

  • Flooded Basements:

It happens quite often that people get a surprise when their basement gets flooded. Since most of us use basement for storage purpose, this can spell disaster for your home. Flooded basements usually result from carjacked pipes and fissures in walls. If it’s not a rainy season and you still have a flooded basement then this problem falls under the category of plumbing. It’s also a good idea to get the sump pump checked from your plumber at regular intervals.

  • Blocked Drains:

It’s fairly common to encounter blocked drains. It usually results from non-biodegradable material that gets deposited in the drain. Luckily it’s not that much of a problem and your plumber can fix it in minutes.

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