Using Effective Painting To Enhance Your Landscape

It is the time of the year where you are probably considering redoing some of your outdoor design work. This might include adding some new plants, tidying up the lawn, or looking to add some exciting new furniture to your patio. There is another tool that you can use to greatly enhance your landscape design, and that is the paint job on your home. With so many different options available for designing the exterior of your home, the way that it corresponds with the surrounding landscape can be forgotten. Here are few things to consider when you are trying to improve your landscape design with the paint on the exterior of your home.

Start with a Good base Color

It will be much easier to change paint colors than it would be to choose new plants and foliage colors for your landscape. Since you will have a much easier time changing the color of your home’s paint, it is good to start with a blank canvas, so to speak. A neutral base color is a good way to start with your design. Simple whites, browns, and other colors that are easy to coordinate will be the easiest path to success. If you start with a brighter color, it may be very difficult to go back if you find that it does not work with your landscape design.

Use Good Contrasting

Finding a good way to contrast the natural greens of your landscape can be an exciting way to choose your home color. Sometimes dashes of red or blue can bring new hues that really bring together the entire design of your yard. Painting shutters and other accents of the home are a good way to add some contrasting colors without having to commit to a full redo of a current paint job.

Avoid Bad Contrasting

If you have a desire to make your home stand out, that can be good from a design perspective. However, making your home look out of your place in a landscape can end up being a big design mistake. You do not want to have a red home that clashes with the natural fall leaves of your home. Make sure that you stay away from any poor contrasting decisions both when you are painting your home and also when you are selecting the best plants to use in your landscape.

Maintain Both Aspects

The most important, and simplest, way to keep the paint on your home and your landscape working in harmony is to maintain them both. If you have a vibrant landscape design, but a decrepit, peeling paint job, it is going to take away from even the most well designed landscape. Conversely, if you have a freshly painted home, but it is becoming surrounded by unsightly weeds and dead grass, this will easily drag down the overall design of both the home and the landscape. Avoid this issue with effective landscape maintenance and premium home painting.

About the Author

Evan Wright works with Edina Painting for both exterior and interior painting projects. For landscaping initiatives, he prefers to work with Gopher Remodeling. Good luck and thanks for reading!