Walking By Bistro Chairs

The old world has always been a source of classic charm, reminiscent of the old times when life moved at a much slower pace. Europe has always boasted of its romantic cobblestone roads and its bistros. Of course, no bistro would be complete with its trademark bistro chairs. However, this piece of furniture is not exclusively tied to Parisian bistros.

On the contrary, the bistro chair has successfully crossed over to breakfast nooks and dining rooms everywhere. While they all look the same and emit the same vibe, not all bistro chairs are made the same way. While there are so many varieties of the bistro chair, one thing is certain – bistro chairs have the versatility and beauty that would elegance and grace to any room.

Bentwood Chairs

One very popular style of the bistro chair is the Bentwood chair. This style of chair was designed by Michael Thornet in the 1850s and rapidly became one of the fastest selling varieties of the bistro chair. The main feature of the Brentwood chair is its wonderful combination of durability and elegance as seen in its curves. Because of this meeting of form and function, the Brentwood chair is a staple in homes as well as in restaurants and cafes.

While the original Brentwood chair is made by Thornet, the market is filled with so many imitations of this bistro chair.

One excellent modification of the Brentwood chair is the Era chair. The Era chair combines the same timeless qualities of the Brentwood chair but with an air of youthfulness. Most Era chairs are available in its natural wood form or in several bright colors. Also, buyers have a choice between caned or solid seat. For homeowners who have an affinity for the rustic, there are also farm-house inspired Brentwood Chairs which feature the robust but softer qualities of wood.

Folding French Bistro Chairs

Bistros required folding chairs since the outdoor seating had to be moved inside the restaurant by the end of the work day or in the case of bad weather. Currently, the folding bistro chairs are the closest one can get to authentic bistro chairs. Just like with the advantages that endeared the folding French bistro chair to café owners, their light weight feature and portability are its main advantages.

Homeowners can easily fold up this type of chair and store it somewhere when not necessary and then pull them out when guests arrive or when extra seating is necessary.

Because of the necessary construction of the folding bistro chair, they are almost often made of metal. This gives the folding bistro chair a more modern twist according to interior experts from Nick Scali. Painted in a brighter color, the folding chairs add a wonderful pop of color to any patio. This much timely take on the folding chair would lend well to any kind of 21st century home and not just in houses with contemporary farm feel.

On the other hand, the wheelchair variety of the folding bistro chair leans toward the rustic farm appeal.

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