Want To Save Energy? Simple Ways To Help You Do So

In 2014 and beyond, home owners are trying now more than ever to save energy. It is not only important to the environment, but also to the pocketbook. Saving energy means less money spent and in today’s economy, it is essential to spend less money so that you can have money for the more important things in life. At the same time, being a better citizen and helping the environment is not only beneficial to you in the short term but also to your children and children’s children in the long term. There are several ways you can save energy with simple life changes in the home as well as on the go. Take a look at these simple tips below.

Light it up

One of the best ways to save energy in the home is to light up each room with energy efficient light bulbs. By changing out each bulb in your home to the more energy efficient option, you will use less power and have less waste. With light bulbs lasting for years, you will never have to worry about going without light and use less power to be able to light up the home.

Heating and Cooling Temperature Setting

Another option is to better control the heating and cooling temperatures of your home HVAC system. You can install a programmable thermostat so you have optimal control over your system. A programmable thermostat allows you to preset the temperature. This means that you can have your unit shut down while you are away at work or vacation which means no energy is used while you are away. The system can then be set to turn back on before you arrive home so you still have a warm or cool home based on the season. With many new models, including premium features, you can have a customized home when it comes to your heating and cooling temperatures. Contact Peirce Phelps for all your HVAC needs.

Air Filtration

Air filtration is an important component of HVAC systems and one that is easily forgotten. The air filter is used to clear the air before it moves through the home. The filter will remove dust, debris, pet dander and allergens so they cannot enter the home. The air filter is supposed to be changed every one to three months. When you do not change out your filter, your home heating and cooling system will have to work overtime to clear the air. This means more energy will be used to operate your system. To use less energy to heat and cool the home, be sure to change out your filter every time it is needed.

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

It is also important to have energy efficient HVAC systems in the home. If you live in an older home and have a system with a low SEER rating, you will be using more energy for operation than needed. By installing a brand new system, you will be able to use less energy to heat and cool the home. Newer models of HVAC systems will have a higher SEER rating so less energy is needed for normal operations. Not only will you use less energy, but you will also see a lower rate on your monthly utility bill for providing heating and cooling for your family.

Overall, you can make small change around the home to use less energy in your everyday life. This will allow you to have an impact on the environment and if everyone does their part, the world will become a much healthier place to live.