Welsh Slate For House Signs

Welsh slate house signs are very commonly seen in UK. People here like Welsh slate for putting out side home as a home sign as it gives a functional and decorative look. Welsh slates signs are made with many types and styles. This article give provide you with more information about welsh slate house signs.

Welsh slate house signs are made by carving the signs on the face. It’s a very artistic process which includes effort, skills and practice. Now a day’s machines are also used for the purpose by hand crafted slates have their own elegance and fine quality. In old times, crafts allowed light and shadow to pass across the signs and cuts which made a beautiful effect with light, which unfortunately today’s machine made cuts can’t easily achieve.

Its popularity level can be imagined by this research which says about 500,000 tons of material was being used each year by the Welsh slate industry. Though with a reported 90% waste at the quarry, slate is hardly economic!


Numbers and Letters:

On the Welsh slates numbers and signs are deeply carved. This can include the house numbers, names and designs that you specify to your maker will carve it for you on your unique sign.

Pet Memorials:

Pet memorials include a silhouette or other image that you provide, along with a message to remember your loved pet. That will be carved on your slate and putting in a garden or pet cemetery. Welsh slate memorials will last for many, many years in virtually any climate.

slate house sign example


Grey Rock Welsh slate:

The most durable and long lasting slate material which is yet discovered is of grey rock. A piece of it is grained and made fine and smooth. This material is found in the northwest Wales.  This material is of much reliability as has the natural resistant to high temperature and chemicals. It does not absorb much into it that’s why slates made from this material are very long lasting and thus look eye catchy too. Though carving over it is a bit harder to do but still the practiced hand carvers can do it and make a unique piece for your house sign.

Granite Signs:

Granite is a hard and resistant material for the slates. It gives your home a real statement.

Aluminium Signs:

Aluminum is weather resistant as it does not oxidize or corrode outdoors.

Wooden house Signs:

Wood is a material that gives a beautiful result when carved. It is also used for house signs as it is can be a fairly durable material. If polished with Danish oil wooden slates can last for several years and a continuous polish helps maintain its elegance and everlasting ability. Disadvantages are that it requires regular maintenance.

Slate house signs or house plaques are available from http://www.housename.co.uk/slate-signs/