What Is The Best Time To Prune Your Trees?

Trees on your front lawn can be a great way to improve the appearance of your property, whether for your own enjoyment or in order to increase your property value. Tree trimming and pruning are important tasks that must be completed if you want your trees to have long, healthy lives and if you want them to experience great growth and blooming all season long. In order to make this possible, follow these few tips on when you should prune or trim your trees.

Pruning or trimming is best between near the end of fall until the start of spring

These tasks are best completed after leaves have begun to changes as fall comes to an end but before the growing season has started in spring. We recommend you contact tree services in Little Rock near the end of fall or during winter, in order to see the best results possible.

A few factors determine exactly how often you should get your tree pruned

Trees of different sizes, types, and healthiness will need to be trimmed to a distinct frequency. A typical pruning cycle will require a tree to be pruned one time during a three to five year cycle. In order to find out how long your tree cycle may last, ask your chosen professional.

Trimming and pruning after growth has begun can hinder trees’ ability to grow

One big reason to avoid pruning and trimming in the spring after tree blooming has begun is that your tree may develop less of an ability to grow throughout its season as a result. On the other hand, the fall temperatures and lack of growth in the fall and winter make these the ideal times to seek out a professional Little Rock tree service company.

The job can get done more efficiently and safely in these off seasons

Pruning can be completed at a more efficient speed when the ground is less soft in the colder seasons. As well, the bare canopy that exists during these months means that branches can more easily be accessed.

Keeping your trees trimmed and pruned can protect them, too

These tasks are also a means of protection from the development of tree diseases. You could end up saving yourself a significant amount of money and grief if you keep your trees consistently and properly trimmed and pruned now.

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