Why Consider A Residential Glass Lift?

The benefits of a glass lift or an escalator in the modern society can’t be overlooked. People have become accustomed to escalators that many would find life without these devices inconveniencing. Sometime back, lifts were found mainly in commercial buildings and offices [1]. However, this has been changing over time as more escalators are installed in modern residential buildings. Through the years, different types of lifts have been invented and used. However, glass escalators are becoming quite common in most residential buildings. This is brought about by a number of reasons that include the following:

1. Safety

Safety is among the main advantages of installing a glass escalator in residential places. Statistics indicate that criminal activities such as attacks and harassment also take place inside lifts. Many people have been harassed, robbed or attacked while inside an escalator. Individuals have also failed to notice any suspicious activity or incidence in a residential building because they were inside the escalator. While taking a person up or down building, glass escalators give a clear view of the surrounding. In addition, people from outside can see what is happening inside the compartment. The openness and transparency of the lift deters criminals or unscrupulous people [2].

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Most of the residential escalators that were manufactured years ago are not very appealing. The most common come in form of rigid frames or a solid compartment. Although it makes movement within the building simple it can at times lower the aesthetic appeal of a home. Such drawbacks have been addressed by embracing a glass lift. These escalators come in modern designs that are aesthetically appealing and also trendy. Glass is known to have the modern or contemporary look that enhances the beauty of a home. It also comes in a range of designs and colors to suit different consumer tastes [3].

3. Energy Efficient

Modern technology has led to stronger and lighter glass. And compared to most materials used in making residential escalators, glass stands out as one of the lightest materials. Operating a lift consumes a substantial amount of power especially when hauling heavy objects or using it frequently. A heavier unit draws more power than a lighter escalator, leading to huge power bills. Investing in a glass lifts is a good way of minimizing the energy used consequently lowering cost of power.

4. User-friendly

Residential glass lifts are preferred over other types of escalators because they are friendlier to the user. Firstly, glass is much lighter than other alternatives. Opening and closing the doors is much easier and convenient. Secondly, glass conserves energy and radiates excess heat away from the compartment thereby creating a more conducive environment. Thirdly, glass escalators require less electricity to run resulting to lower bills and peace-of-mind. Fourthly, modern designs such as the pneumatic elevator don’t require lots of space, electricity, or a separate machine room. It can therefore be installed in a very small space or home [4].

5. Easy Maintenance

Service and maintenance plays a vital role is selecting the type of elevator. Consumers desire a lift that requires minimal service and maintenance. And this is why many turn to glass escalators. Cleaning glass is a lot easier compared to dusting and cleaning rigid and rugged steel bars and frames. Repairing a damaged glass section is also more cost effective and time efficient compared to a solid compartment. This is because it requires a less complicated technique and glass is an easier material to work with. Pneumatic type of glass escalators are smaller and more compact and run on air pressure instead of electricity. Although they might be a bit slower than electric-driven escalators they are more economical in the long run [4].

The above is a brief look at the benefits of residential glass escalators. The lifts are more attractive and trendy, lighter, consume less energy, durable, and are easier to maintain. The desire to live comfortably also contributes to the growing popularity of lifts made from glass. It is essential to go for quality, reliability, effectiveness, durability, and user-friendliness when searching for the right escalator. This is more likely to be achieved when dealing with an experienced escalator company. The firm will have experience in this field, good reputation, stocks a broad collection of glass lifts, and delivers exceptional customer service.


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