Why Should You Choose Customized Window Grids For Your Commercial Building?

Looking for window grids for your commercial buildings? Very often, the two most important features that most people want to include in their commercial structures would be security and decency. Because of this, people prefer to have grids installed on their windows and doors for a superb protection and elegant outcome.

High Performance Customized Glass Options for Commercial Application

Since commercial building architectures defer from the residential home architectures, the options of high performance glasses can also be customized for your commercial needs. With the custom glass options, window systems can be adjusted for optimal performance whether your commercial building is in a cold climate with sub-zero temperature or in the middle of a desert with above several digit temperatures. You can opt for double or triple glazings with custom tinting to obtain the most efficient shading coefficient and solar heat gain, which will make your commercial windows obtain high performance wherever you are in.

There are both exterior and interior grids. Exterior grids are made from aluminum of a heavy weight with snap mounts for easy removal. These grids can also be permanently affixed for enhanced security. Customers are also offered internal or in-between-the-glass grids for unobstructed and undivided exterior and interior glass surface. Mini-Blind options are like grids that can be installed in between glasses of the windows, thereby not interfering with other window treatments.

Why Should You Choose Customized Window Grids For Your Commercial Building?

Customized glass options offer more and more colors as well as fine wood choices than any other ready-made window treatment products.  You can choose the colors from some of the most popular ones while your custom grid color choices are practically unlimited.  Hundreds of beautifully finished warm woods are also available in hardwoods and pine, such as oak, ash, maple, birch, cherry, redwood, mahogany, walnut and many others.

CGP (Custom Glass Products) Answers to Customers’ Customized Demands!

Custom fabricated window grids from CGP (Custom Glass Products) can add new dimensions to the windows, glasses or door lines in your commercial structures. Now you can have more options than ever for wonderful custom windows as well as door muntin designs. CGP (Custom Glass Products) manufactures all of its window and door grids according to your taste, choice, and specifications, so you can get assurance that each unit fits exactly and looks great. CGP (Custom Glass Products) can produce grids for any window or door size, starting from a single unit to ongoing larger ones.

Window manufacturers realize that the muntin production process can be very time consuming and expensive. Also some requests for custom design can sometimes be quite difficult or impossible to fill. Offering customized gird designs is not just feasible when skilled craftsmen and sophisticated tooling are needed. So, whenever a customer demands custom designed grids for windows or doors, demand CGP (Custom Glass Products).

Since 1971 CGP located in United States has been your answer to custom window and door treatments. The custom built window grids offer you upgrade and attractively price to any window or door.