Why Would You Use Integral Blinds In Windows?

Integral blinds in windows (also known as internal blinds and interstitial blinds) have come a long way since their early development.  These days, instead of just being contained between 2 sheets of glass, they are now encapsulated inside fully double glazed units. The initial problems have been overcome and they now offer a stylish, affordable and effective window solution.  There are still many misconceptions about theme and some of these are based upon prejudice, but others are propaganda put out by alternative solutions.

It is a common solution for integral blinds to be installed inside patio doors, bifold doors and back doors.  But you are missing a trick if you do not also consider them for replacement double glazed windows.   The use integral blinds in windows provide a brilliant solution. To help you understand the benefits of integral blinds in windows we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages to help you make a decision yourself.


  • Improved acoustics.  The double glazing and blinds provide a better sound barrier and are great for use in noisier areas.
  • Additional privacy.  The use of easy to operate slats means that they can be tilted or closed to enhance the privacy in your room. This is even better than normal venetian blinds because of the use of edge-to-edge slats.
  • Reduced heat and solar glare.  This can allow you to control the heart coming into your room to make it more comfortable to be inside.  It can also shade computer screens in work areas where the sun streams through windows are certain times of the day.
  • Hermetic seal. What do we mean by this?  Well the name originates from the name of the Greek god Hermes.  What it means in real terms is an air-tight seal.  This ensures that air and moisture cannot get into the unit.  If air and moisture cannot get in, nor can dust and dirt.  Once it is sealed and so the longevity of the double glazing and the blinds is assured.  Being sealed means that they provide a clinically safe environment when used.
  • Low maintenance.  Because they are less exposed to the elements and wear and tear they as lower maintenance then other blind systems.  This is a great benefit, but all reputable manufacturers usually give a long warranty – like 5 years.
  • Easy operation – Cordless.  The lack of dangling cords makes them look nicer and they are safer.  Children and animals cannot get caught up in the cords.  They can be operated by a magnet system, solar powered remotely, by touch button and electric remote control.  They work from high strength magnets so there are no cords attached to the window looking ugly and getting in the way. The integrated Venetian blind sits between the double glazed units and is able to slide up and down as well as open and close.
  • Easy access through sliding doors.  There is no curtain or blind to have to move before you can open the doors


  • Difficult to maintain.  The unit is sealed in the window which makes it difficult to maintain.  However, because the mechanism is sealed away then the chances of damage through rough handling or mistreatment is minimal. Reputable vendors will give a long guarantee to protect you against problems.
  • More limited colour selection. There is a more limited colour selection than you would have if you used conventional venetian blinds or curtains.  .
  • They are permanent.  Unlike conventional blinds or curtains if you change your mind about internal blinds you will have to get a new window. At best you would have to take the window apart to change it if you wanted to redecorate.