Why You Should Consider Adding A Skylight To Your Home

In the quest for reduced energy consumption and green living, many people are opting for natural lighting facilities in their homes.

This is not surprising seeing as the benefits of doing that are many. One of the ways via which some homeowners are doing this is by adding a skylight to their homes.

However, in spite of their obvious charms, many homeowners are hesitant about adding them because of the costs. What most people do not know is that apart from just being decorative, it has a ton of benefits.

Improves the Environment by Reducing Co2 Emissions

Multiple studies have showed that power generation and consumption contributes hugely to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The carbon dioxide gas is usually caused by the consumption and use of fossil fuels. However, with a skylight, you’ll end up using less electricity.

This means that there’s less demand on the earth’s limited power resources and fewer carbon emissions generated by power consumption. While this may not be grand or obvious, you’ll be contributing in your little way to the earth’s sustainability.

Helps Lower Energy Bills

Did you know that with a skylight installed in your roof, you could significantly cut your energy bills and save more? Skylights are effective at providing natural lighting in the home.

This, therefore, means there’s less need for the bulbs during the day. Think about it. Instead of leaving our lights on for 24 hours a day, you can leave them on for just 5-6 hours – say between six pm and midnight – every day before turning in for the night.

That can translate into significant savings on your energy bills.

Increased Natural Beauty

There’s nothing that says natural beauty, sophistication, and class in the home as much as natural lighting.

It can do wonders for your living space. Even when you have very expensive chandeliers and excellent interior décor, having natural light during the day and night can add so much beauty to the home.

During the day, the lighting from the sun can come streaming in, and at night, you can watch the stars and admire the universe from the comfort of your home.

Increases Property Value

Multiple studies have shown that potential homeowners are often willing to pay 5%-15% more for homes with strategically located skylights. Isn’t that interesting?

Not just that, a skylight in the home is an excellent green and eco-friendly addition to the home. This makes the home even more appealing to those looking to buy a new home.

Can Improve Air Circulation

Skylights can be made to have vents. Ventilation skylights, as they are known, are designed in such a way that there can be airflow in and out of the house without the nuisance of debris or dirt.

These are usually opened from within the house and are designed to prevent snow and rain from getting in the house while they are open.

These vents are best opened and closed using electric motors that will be installed along with it. That way, all you need to do is tap a button to close and open the vents.

If you want, you can have the skylight installation technicians include a moisture sensor on the skylight. With this installed, the skylight vents will close automatically whenever there is snow or rainfall.

Satisfies the Need for Privacy without Sacrificing Natural Lighting

To have natural lighting, most people often have to sacrifice their privacy at home. However, there is a way homeowners can both get the natural light and keep their privacy.

The solution is through the installation of skylights in the roof or somewhere convenient in the house. This has become even more important these days seeing as most homes are built close to one another.

Some other advantages of adding a skylight to your home include improved productivity if you work from home and the reduction of mold and fungi which often grow in damp and dark places.

If you’ve been convinced of the benefits of having a skylight installed, it is pretty easy to get done. A qualified contractor can be found online at www.housetoproofing.com!

The writer, Oscar King, is a home improvement enthusiast who is always seeking out projects to improve his property value and make his home more liveable. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can visit on Google+.