Wood Flooring: Why It Has Been The Number One Choice Of Flooring For Hundreds Of Years

Cleaner than alternative types of flooring

Wooden floors do not absorb dust and dirt like carpets do. Cleaning away debris like dog hairs or autumn leaves is easy and effortless, because well maintained wooden flooring is smooth, free of cracks and impermeable.

Repels allergens

As wood fails to absorb allergens in the way that carpets do, it can be a better choice of flooring for people with certain allergies or medical conditions. Removing spillages like spilt wine or milk can normally be achieved with a simple cloth and an anti-bacterial treatment. However, removing the stains and odours from spillages on carpets can be much more complicated and time consuming.

Stands the test of time

One of the most practical reasons for purchasing a wooden floor is that timber is very resilient. That’s why it has been the number one choice of flooring for centuries, from grand palaces to residential buildings and offices. Wood is naturally resistant to heavy, long term usage and is inexpensive to maintain.

Any defects are easy to repair

A simple varnishing application can repair most defects that occur over time, which may include scratches or dents caused by pets or items of furniture. However, these imperfections may not occur for years and can be easily hidden by rugs until you decide to treat them.

More valuable

If you’re planning on selling your home or business in the relatively near future, it may be worthwhile to invest in a new wooden floor. According to Phil Spencer, presenter of the popular property programme ‘Location, Location, Location’ between 2004 and 2011, a wooden floor can make a home more valuable because of its longevity, hard-wearing features and universal appeal among home buyers.

Retains value

Wood retains its value over time, which means that the overall cost of maintaining a wooden floor can be significantly cheaper than other types of flooring. Indeed, as the timber matures, wood can actually become more beautiful over time, just as a good bottle of wine can become smoother over a period of many years.

Instils elegance and radiance into your home

Wood has a harmonious, timeless appearance, and can beautify any home or office, regardless of the interior style. Parquet flooring, for example, can look particularly good in a commercial setting, whereas more elaborate, vintage style flooring may look better in a vintage style home interior. Wood also attracts natural light and helps to brighten up your rooms, especially south-facing rooms.

Can be easily tailored into new styles

Floor sanding and varnishing is a relatively inexpensive procedure that enables you to transform the appearance and texture of your floor without having to replace it. This can be a much more cost-effective and convenient option than ripping out and replacing an entire set of carpets.

Wooden flooring – the choice is unlimited

As wooden flooring can be customised in many different varnishes, colours, textures and wood types, you can choose a floor that will look harmonious with your home and unearth the true beauty of your interior.

Joe Bishop is the Director of a leading supplier and installer of herringbone parquet wooden flooring in Essex- William Beard Flooring. Joe has a personal love for wood flooring and thinks that it adds charming character to any home.